Why your website need Search engine optimization?

Why you need a Website?

A website gives you online presence globally by which you can make global relationships, partnerships, generate business and much more. Before going through the topic different factors we need to know are given below.

• Purpose of website.
• Type of Website.
• What business (product, manufacturing or etc).
• Type of your business (B2B, B2C or C2B etc).
• Target audience.
• Existing audience/customers.
• Existing strength of organisation.
• Capability.

Why Search engine optimization required?

After consideration above things one of the major issues is how to get audience toward your website because it is not enough to launch a website over World Wide Web, there are different methods to get audience toward you website are parts of search engine marketing can be organic or paid and Search engine optimization is for to rank organically (non-paid) in search engine results which means to optimize your website in accordance to qualify the search engine guidelines (Google, Bing, yahoo, yandex etc.) for to appear in search engine results. Before these steps you need to index your website in popular search engines because most of people search there for their queries in according to their needs can personal or professional. Different factors why SEO is necessary are given below

• To get visibility in search engine results.
• To beat tough competition.
• To attract visitors/audience toward you website.
• Long term visibility.
• Online relationship building.
• Positive reputation.
• Trust building.
• Re-marketing.
• Easy targeting.
• For revenue generation.
• Branding.
By search engine optimization one can appear at the top of search engine result page on specific queries by organizing his/her website in accordance to search engine guidelines (webmaster).

How SEO works?

There are lots of effort required to gain a top position in search results but the question is how it works and the answer is when a person searches for his specific need in search engine by typing his query in search bar and clicks on search button to get a result after this the work of search engine is to match and produce a list of results on the basis of query by matching it to all available (indexed websites) content on the basis of keywords with a focus on meaning as well. Behind this different search algorithms (rules) works to provide you best results. For ranking at the top we need to follow different ranking factors allowed by the respective search engine.

Overview on different ranking factors

As a lot of search algorithms are working for different issues as ranking signals, quality, piracy, privacy, copyright, child pornography and much more. There are some of different factors to rank are give below
• Quality of content.
• Quantity of content.
• Keyword density.
• Local presence.
• Social media presence.
• Social media bookmarking.
• Guest blogging.
• Article submission (unique).
• CTA placement.
• Offerings.
• Blogging.
• Number of conversions.