Email v/s E-Newsletter: Is there a difference?

A lot of people are confused about these two words i.e Email promotion and E-Newsletter. Are you one of them? Then this article is for you. Many times even marketers are confused whether they should  use emails or e-newsletter in their Email marketing Services. So what is the difference between these two ? How they are different from each other? What benefits of each of these provide which we can use in our healthcare internet marketing. Email promotion  and E-newsletter both are an important part of your email marketing strategy which can help you in engaging your existing patients to return to your clinic or practice.

What is an Email?

A general definition: An e-mail is an electronic message in the form of text, image or video stored on your computer which can be easily sent from one device to another for the purpose of communicating.

What is an Email promotion?

Definition: An email promotion is an electronic promotional message in the form of text, image, and video which a brand or business used to communicate to its potential buyers or existing buyers. So a simple email mailed to a potential buyer for the purpose of converting that person into a lead and sale is known as Email promotion where a company can talk about its new service and product or inform about its future offers and discounts.

Hence, we conclude here that promotional emails are short term and basically used to move an engaged person from lead to sale in the sales funnel.

What is an Email Newsletter?

Definition: An email newsletter is a great communication tool which helps a brand and business to built relationship to its audience by providing valuable content in the newsletter which helps your potential audience in solving their serious problems.

The newsletter helps in building long term relationship with your target audience which helps in converting them into sales easily in future. E-newsletter helps any business in getting repeated purchases from existing customers  by making a great rapport and trust with the audience while understanding and solving  their problems. The e-newsletter is not short term and should not be used in closing the sales immediately.

The difference between Email promotion & Email Newsletter?

  • Email promotions are short-term while Email newsletter is long term in nature.
  • The purpose of Email promotions is to close sales while Email newsletter focuses on building the relationship.
  • Email promotion focuses more on product and service details while Email Newsletter focuses on benefits and application of those products and services.
  • Email promotions are good for offering discounts while Email newsletter is great for awaring people about your brand and in building trust.

What should you use, Email Promotions or Email Newsletter?

I suggest you should use a mix of  both in your complete email marketing strategy. Track your email performances and observe how well both are doing. Are they solving your purpose or not? Improve and align your email content according to the user behaviour and need. Then if only one of these works in your favour then choose that otherwise keep on optimising your email content and use both Email promotions and email newsletter.