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Email marketing has become a very effective method to reach to the target audiences as emails land directly to the inbox, in other term it can be stated that it is electronic method to send any message in form of media or content. Usually email marketing team creates a attractive email templates which may includes any news updates, product updates or marketing content to attract new potential customer for your website or business and then send it to your website or blog subscribers. In most of the cases we sends newsletter to one who have subscribed for it but marketing companies use email marketing services to attract potential customer by sending them some attractive offers or products details.

Below are the list of advantages of email marketing services:

  • Personalized, custom and attractive content and media can be used.
  • You can easily update your website subscribers about your products or news.
  • Easy tracking of opens and clicks.
  • Increased visibility as most of the people check their emails daily basis.
  • Using this method you can either advertise your products or you can also work for some third parties.

Apart from the good side there are lots of disadvantages of email marketing services as well, one of visible issue is SPAM email.

Constant contact, Mailchimp and exact target are pioneer of email marketing tools as they provides  console to manage your email list, create attractive email template and tracking of clicks, this user gets a consolidated things together.