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What is E-Commerce website?

Ecommerce stand for electronics commerce which can be anything go through that Internet using any website or services.

Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon is the best and known example for everyone.

An ecommerce website enables you to list unlimited products with the full details such as product variant, colours, sizes and many more.

According to the recent surveys 70% of buyers thinks that they can get better deal online than the store so the ecommerce has just overtook the offline stores.

Features of ecommerce websites:

  • Unlimited products: Unlimited number of products can be listed on the websites So users will have many option and variants as option.
  • Shopping cart: It is most interesting thing in an ecommerce website- Whenever shopper select any product to buy it goes to shopping cart first so it you buy 4 different kind of products you can select all one by one and they all will go to the shopping cart, once you finish the selection of products you can go to your shopping cart and then you can see all  products and even shopping cart allows you to delete, edit quantities of products.
  • Compare products: If you want to compare features and price with more than one different products then you can select the products and then use the compare features which will show you the details in a compact view so that you can have a overlook.
  • Payment Gateway: User can select as many products he wish and he can use bank account, credit card or gift card to pay for the same.
  • Address list: user may have more than one address to deliver any order such as office and home, thi s features allow shoppers to manager the rot added so while ordering once you entered any address it will save into your library automatically.
  • Order tracking: once your finish your order payment your can track your order through your shopping website account, it will show you all the transit details automatically so you just don’t need to coordinate with the courier company.