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Email v/s E-Newsletter: Is there a difference?

A lot of people are confused about these two words i.e Email promotion and E-Newsletter. Are you one of them? Then this article is for you. Many times even marketers are confused whether they should  use emails or e-newsletter in their Email marketing Services. So what is the difference between ...
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Are you using facebook and twitter effectively?

Yes, Facebook and twitter are the most effective tools of communication in the modern age of healthcare marketing. But are you using these effective tools effectively? In today’s blog, you will learn how to use facebook and twitter in the most effective way which will bring more followers followed by  ...
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How to promote healthcare website using Search engine optimization?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It means refining a website to a level that it will come on the higher ranking when searched on a search engine. SEO plays a major role in getting your website an identity in the web world. More optimized is your website more it will ...
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How to utilize different internet marketing components to fight against competition?

Today internet became a powerful platform for marketing due to its capabilities it gives us power of measurement which means we can keep track our online marketing campaign’s performance, reach to millions of people over the worldwide web in seconds, Targeting on the basis of audience’s age, gender, interest, location ...
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Why your website need Search engine optimization?

Why you need a Website? A website gives you online presence globally by which you can make global relationships, partnerships, generate business and much more. Before going through the topic different factors we need to know are given below. • Purpose of website. • Type of Website. • What business ...
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