Unique and genuine website content matters to Google Search engine

Content in the most important component of the website as it tells everything about your product or services, Since the whole websites have their content on the website, Unique content in important to get reputation by Google. Unique content help websites to get recognize over the world So that Google crawl and index it smoothly.

It has been noticed that most of the people outsource the content from the third party so that chances of poor content quality increased, it is prefered to be written by professional or by someone who is in the same domain or field.

According to the popular search engines there should be some quality and features in the contents, below are few points:

  1. Content Title should be strong and enough to explain the whole content..
  2. Stick to the topic so that content will be accurate and explained properly.
  3. Make your content actionable.
  4. Source of the content should be accurate and you should be able to respond queries.
  5. Make content in paragraph and points.