How to utilize different internet marketing components to fight against competition?

Today internet became a powerful platform for marketing due to its capabilities it gives us power of measurement which means we can keep track our online marketing campaign’s performance, reach to millions of people over the worldwide web in seconds, Targeting on the basis of audience’s age, gender, interest, location and activities and due to these advantages of it people started exploring Internet market for marketing rapidly caused tough completion for marketers and formed complexity for search engines.

Internet marketing Structure

For internet marketing, there are different platforms but most top category of platforms taken by search engines. Search engines came forward for to make such marketing network specially Google. Search engine maintains a large database of indexed website with its whole content and when we search about something (goods, documents, research, history etc) it produces a best list of results based on our query. Another way of online marketing is advertisement as example Google Ads, Bing ads and social media (facebook ads, twitter ads etc). Google places your ads (paid) over its search network and display network websites having approved AdSense account.

Other popular platforms are Social media sites where we can perform different activities to get more engagements with our brands, products or services. There are different search engine and social media algorithms to measure quality, rankings, ethics and predefined rules to give us best results.

There are different websites with good traffics also provide paid advertisement on their site.

Best practices to utilize different internet marketing component

There are different components associated with online marketing but due to high competition it is not so simple to implement for instant results, but you can have improved online presence by following our suggestions. Lets us describe it component by component.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO means to optimize your website in accordance to search engine rules that means do not follow any unethical practices to get visibly in short time period, unethical practices can be keyword Stuffing, duplicate content, reciprocal linking, paid links etc. Following given practices will provide you long-term visibility

Keyword research

Keyword research is most important by which you can understand how much competition you have and what strategies you need to follow to fight completion.

Keyword Density

Keyword density means repentance and variations of a particular keyword, keep keyword density from 2% to 3% but best is two percent.

Copy content

Do not use copied content write unique content or articles try to make it 100% unique. You can have 6-9% of copy content will not harm your rankings.


Use simple language for easy to understand that will reduce your website’s bounce rate.

Meta Tags

Use gentle tone without using promotional language and do not forget to plan primary keyword in Meta tags.


Try to make quality links will increase your rankings in search engine results. Quality links mean a website with having Page Rank 5 or higher.

Social media presence

Experts say Social media presence is a positive ranking signal for your website.

Search Engine marketing

Search engine marketing includes most of component but where we say SMM means paid advertisement examples Google Ads, Bing Ads etc.

Social media marketing

Social media have great potential from where we can reach millions of audience in short time period. We can also advertise over social media (paid) with better targeting.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is heart of internet marketing by which we can attract our target and engage our audience.  It is good practice to have an article ranging from 500-1500 words (can be more depends on topic). Always use references for contents taken from other places. Use fresh articles on your blog and try not rewrite articles, because it is better to show your own opinion to get comments.

Focus meaning not keywords

Keeping focus on meaning than keywords lets you write good content that can attract more audience cause now most of search engines are trying to focus meaning means they can understand meaning so you can use variant of keywords(Synonyms or short forms of famous terms) etc.


Try to make you content fresh and unique to make interest in your readers with you.

Article Distribution

Always use unique articles to be submitted at different places (article submission, blog submission, guest blogging) and use your brand name most of place than your links.

Freebies distribution

Always distribute valuable resources free to get re-engagements as PDF, Whitepapers, presentations and much more. By freebies, you can get quality returning visitors to your website.

Video marketing

Video marketing is one of effective strategy in digital marketing and you can get higher traffic and increased engagement time with your brand, product or services with it. Video marketing gives you power to reach your target audience while in tough competition.


Now a days there is tough competition in internet market, firstly you need to do a quality competition research to know that what your competitors are doing to come up in search results and their different strategies(Social media, PPC, SEO, etc). After carrying a good market research, you don’t need to follow the same strategies as your competitors are doing but build your own on the basis of your findings. Therefore, it’s essential to utilize all internet marketing components to fight against tough online competition wisely.