Are you using facebook and twitter effectively?

Yes, Facebook and twitter are the most effective tools of communication in the modern age of healthcare marketing. But are you using these effective tools effectively? In today’s blog, you will learn how to use facebook and twitter in the most effective way which will bring more followers followed by  long-lasting engagements.

The purpose of using Facebook and twitter by their users are different and so does the way of communication on these platforms. You have to understand what is your purpose as a medical professional to choose one of these platforms or both of them.

Let’s go deeper on how these platforms i.e  Facebook and twitter  are perceived by the users:

How to use FACEBOOK effectively:

  1. Facebook is a platform where people come for leisure activity as people come for clubbing where they share their best photos, achievements, their interest and making friendly relationships not professional or business relationships.
  2. Facebook is more of a speaking platform than a listening platform because facebook gives people all the tools to boast about themselves. So, If you are trying to push people to see your brand, it will not work that way. You have to tell your brand story in such a way that the user feels it is their story. This is the only way you can effectively engage with your potential patients on facebook.
  3. Facebook is a great platform for branding. If the purpose of your healthcare marketing is branding then you should opt for facebook as soon as possible. On facebbok you have all the tools with which you can tell your brand story to your audience such as photos, short videos or new facebook live streaming feature i.e facebook live.
  4. In healthcare marketing, you should not focus on the number of likes on your facebook page. You should focus on creating deep engagement and relationship with your prospective patients.

How to use TWITTER effectively:

  1. Twitter is a platform where people come to get information which is easy because of the follow button on each profile. People follow those brands who are a great source of useful information. This platform is used by the people as a news feed from their followings.
  2. Twitter is more of a listening platform and people come here to make conversation and discussions. If the purpose of your healthcare marketing is answering the questions of your prospective patients, then twitter is an ideal platform for you as a medical professional as it will help your built your brand as a thought leader in your particular specialization.
  3. One advantage of twitter over facebook is that the organic reach of twitter posts are higher than the organic reach of facebook posts which will help you in communicating your message more effectively on twitter than facebook.
  4. A new twitter feature: twitter video. The Twitter video is a newly launched feature which allows you to respond back to your followers via video which is really helpful in engaging your potential patients as it gives a message to your audience that you care about them and giving your time to them as much as possible.