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PPC stand for Pay Per Click is a paid service provided by Google which is actually help us to advertise any web page on the Google search result. Let’s discuss the Google search pattern, Google search provide us a very attractive features through which we can search anything on the Internet and Google display the relevant result from the database. All the search result display on the Google SERP that depends of the webpage and its content quality. For the better webpage visibility on the Google SERP webmasters optimize the webpage in such a way that Google can easily crawl the webpage and webpage can be rank on the search engines. It actually takes time a lot  to appear on the SERP. To skip this time and lots of effort you can use Google PPC services so that your desire webpage can be appear in the top of the SERP. Once we chose the focused keywords Google can tell you the Pay per click cost and according to your daily budget your ads will appear on the SERP. Google PPC services features:
  • You can choose the desired keywords.
  • Custom Ads title and short discretion can be created.
  • Daily budget can be set so that your ads stop automatically.
  • Targeted locations, language and other things can be selected for targeted visitors.
  • Real Ads performance can be viewd.
  • False clicks can be detested automatically to avoids any intentional clicks by visitors.