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What is Content Management Site (CMS)?

Content Management System (CMS) is a kind of website that can be CMS website developmentdeveloped into any of the programming language like PHP, DOT.Net or Java. It enables website owner to manage the Website content in easy User friendly interface so that you don’t need programming concept to change any content on the website.

If you know that traditional websites, website owner actually don’t get any privilege to change any content on the website as for any tinny change you must have programmatically knowledge, and for any change website owner should contact the website Developer that usually takes time.

CMS Website Development has just changed the era of website development as website owner always can change the content and everything remains in the owner’s hand.

What are the entities of CMS?

  • Administration panel to manage everything that appears on the page.
  • Website page management.
  • Image and View gallery management.
  • Logins management.

Features of CMS?

  • Website owner can approximately change everything.
  • Changes can be made frequently.
  • SEO friendly content can be entered by user itself.
  • SEO Friendly URLs can be made.
  • Less maintenance cost.
  • Auto-generated menu
  • Content hierarchy with unlimited depth and size.

A very interesting thing about CMS enabled website is it enables website owner to do SEO activities through website itself.  Website owner can change the content works for SEO, SEO friendly page title can also be entered, and Meta keyword and Meta description can also be entered.

Overall, CMS Websites can be solution for everything in a single package.