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Email v/s E-Newsletter: Is there a difference?

A lot of people are confused about these two words i.e Email promotion and E-Newsletter. Are you one of them? Then this article is for you. Many times even marketers are confused whether they should  use emails or e-newsletter in their Email marketing Services. So what is the difference between these two ? How they are different from each other? What benefits of each of these provide which we can use in our healthcare internet marketing. Email promotion  and E-newsletter both are an important part of your email marketing strategy which can help you in engaging your existing patients to return to your clinic or practice.

What is an Email?

A general definition: An e-mail is an electronic message in the form of text, image or video stored on your computer which can be easily sent from one device to another for the purpose of communicating.

What is an Email promotion?

Definition: An email promotion is an electronic promotional message in the form of text, image, and video which a brand or business used to communicate to its potential buyers or existing buyers. So a simple email mailed to a potential buyer for the purpose of converting that person into a lead and sale is known as Email promotion where a company can talk about its new service and product or inform about its future offers and discounts.

Hence, we conclude here that promotional emails are short term and basically used to move an engaged person from lead to sale in the sales funnel.

What is an Email Newsletter?

Definition: An email newsletter is a great communication tool which helps a brand and business to built relationship to its audience by providing valuable content in the newsletter which helps your potential audience in solving their serious problems.

The newsletter helps in building long term relationship with your target audience which helps in converting them into sales easily in future. E-newsletter helps any business in getting repeated purchases from existing customers  by making a great rapport and trust with the audience while understanding and solving  their problems. The e-newsletter is not short term and should not be used in closing the sales immediately.

The difference between Email promotion & Email Newsletter?

  • Email promotions are short-term while Email newsletter is long term in nature.
  • The purpose of Email promotions is to close sales while Email newsletter focuses on building the relationship.
  • Email promotion focuses more on product and service details while Email Newsletter focuses on benefits and application of those products and services.
  • Email promotions are good for offering discounts while Email newsletter is great for awaring people about your brand and in building trust.
What should you use? Email Promotions or Email Newsletter?

I suggest you should use a mix of  both in your complete email marketing strategy. Track your email performances and observe how well both are doing. Are they solving your purpose or not? Improve and align your email content according to the user behavior and need. Then if only one of these works in your favor then choose that otherwise keep on optimizing your email content and use both Email promotions and email newsletter.

Are you using facebook and twitter effectively?

Yes, Facebook and twitter are the most effective tools of communication in the modern age of healthcare marketing. But are you using these effective tools effectively? In today’s blog, you will learn how to use facebook and twitter in the most effective way which will bring more followers followed by  long-lasting engagements.

The purpose of using Facebook and twitter by their users are different and so does the way of communication on these platforms. You have to understand what is your purpose as a medical professional to choose one of these platforms or both of them.

Let’s go deeper on how these platforms i.e  Facebook and twitter  are perceived by the users:

How to use FACEBOOK effectively:

  1. Facebook is a platform where people come for leisure activity as people come for clubbing where they share their best photos, achievements, their interest and making friendly relationships not professional or business relationships.
  2. Facebook is more of a speaking platform than a listening platform because facebook gives people all the tools to boast about themselves. So, If you are trying to push people to see your brand, it will not work that way. You have to tell your brand story in such a way that the user feels it is their story. This is the only way you can effectively engage with your potential patients on facebook.
  3. Facebook is a great platform for branding. If the purpose of your healthcare marketing is branding then you should opt for facebook as soon as possible. On facebbok you have all the tools with which you can tell your brand story to your audience such as photos, short videos or new facebook live streaming feature i.e facebook live.
  4. In healthcare marketing, you should not focus on the number of likes on your facebook page. You should focus on creating deep engagement and relationship with your prospective patients.

How to use TWITTER effectively:

  1. Twitter is a platform where people come to get information which is easy because of the follow button on each profile. People follow those brands who are a great source of useful information. This platform is used by the people as a news feed from their followings.
  2. Twitter is more of a listening platform and people come here to make conversation and discussions. If the purpose of your healthcare marketing is answering the questions of your prospective patients, then twitter is an ideal platform for you as a medical professional as it will help your built your brand as a thought leader in your particular specialization.
  3. One advantage of twitter over facebook is that the organic reach of twitter posts are higher than the organic reach of facebook posts which will help you in communicating your message more effectively on twitter than facebook.
  4. A new twitter feature: twitter video. The Twitter video is a newly launched feature which allows you to respond back to your followers via video which is really helpful in engaging your potential patients as it gives a message to your audience that you care about them and giving your time to them as much as possible.


How to promote healthcare website using Search engine optimization?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It means refining a website to a level that it will come on the higher ranking when searched on a search engine. SEO plays a major role in getting your website an identity in the web world. More optimized is your website more it will come higher on the search engine and people will see the website link along with title.

Same is applied for healthcare website too. If your website is fairly optimized more people will come to know about it Healthcare SEO can be sometimes tricky as there are niche words that can be used as keywords. But if this process is done in a proper way, it can do wonders for the website. In SEO process there are certain rules and procedures that need to be followed to get almost what you have desired. Few of them are mentioned below:

Know your market: First you should know what actually the market of Healthcare is and research on the clientele that what actually they look in a healthcare website and how website can act as a complete guide to them.

Each webpage should properly optimize: Each and every page should be appropriately optimized; user friendly language should be used in web pages

Get help from a professional SEO Team: Apart from doing content, one should always consult a professional SEO team that guides and provide right methodologies for good SEO practice.

Modification: Apart from consulting one should continuously modify the content so that the website remains updated as per the healthcare market.

Web page should show transparency: By transparency, we mean that the SEO Company should give regular reports on SEO that show analytics and traffic details on daily basis.

All the above points will always help to achieve a good healthcare website promotion. Hence popularity among people will increase.

How to utilize different internet marketing components to fight against competition?

Today internet became a powerful platform for marketing due to its capabilities it gives us power of measurement which means we can keep track our online marketing campaign’s performance, reach to millions of people over the worldwide web in seconds, Targeting on the basis of audience’s age, gender, interest, location and activities and due to these advantages of it people started exploring Internet market for marketing rapidly caused tough completion for marketers and formed complexity for search engines.

Internet marketing Structure

For internet marketing, there are different platforms but most top category of platforms taken by search engines. Search engines came forward for to make such marketing network specially Google. Search engine maintains a large database of indexed website with its whole content and when we search about something (goods, documents, research, history etc) it produces a best list of results based on our query. Another way of online marketing is advertisement as example Google Ads, Bing ads and social media (facebook ads, twitter ads etc). Google places your ads (paid) over its search network and display network websites having approved AdSense account.

Other popular platforms are Social media sites where we can perform different activities to get more engagements with our brands, products or services. There are different search engine and social media algorithms to measure quality, rankings, ethics and predefined rules to give us best results.

There are different websites with good traffics also provide paid advertisement on their site.

Best practices to utilize different internet marketing component

There are different components associated with online marketing but due to high competition it is not so simple to implement for instant results, but you can have improved online presence by following our suggestions. Lets us describe it component by component.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO means to optimize your website in accordance to search engine rules that means do not follow any unethical practices to get visibly in short time period, unethical practices can be keyword Stuffing, duplicate content, reciprocal linking, paid links etc. Following given practices will provide you long-term visibility

  •  Keyword research

Keyword research is most important by which you can understand how much competition you have and what strategies you need to follow to fight completion.

  • Keyword Density

Keyword density means repentance and variations of a particular keyword, keep keyword density from 2% to 3% but best is two percent.

  • Copy content

Do not use copied content write unique content or articles try to make it 100% unique. You can have 6-9% of copy content will not harm your rankings.

  • Language

Use simple language for easy to understand that will reduce your website’s bounce rate.

  • Meta Tags

Use gentle tone without using promotional language and do not forget to plan primary keyword in Meta tags.

  • Back-links

Try to make quality links will increase your rankings in search engine results. Quality links mean a website with having Page Rank 5 or higher.

  • Social media presence

Experts say Social media presence is a positive ranking signal for your website.

Search Engine marketing

Search engine marketing includes most of component but where we say SMM means paid advertisement examples Google Ads, Bing Ads etc.

Social media marketing

Social media have great potential from where we can reach millions of audience in short time period. We can also advertise over social media (paid) with better targeting.

Content marketing

Content marketing is heart of internet marketing by which we can attract our target and engage our audience.  It is good practice to have an article ranging from 500-1500 words (can be more depends on topic). Always use references for contents taken from other places. Use fresh articles on your blog and try not rewrite articles, because it is better to show your own opinion to get comments.

  • Focus meaning not keywords

Keeping focus on meaning than keywords lets you write good content that can attract more audience cause now most of search engines are trying to focus meaning means they can understand meaning so you can use variant of keywords(Synonyms or short forms of famous terms) etc.

  • Uniqueness

Try to make you content fresh and unique to make interest in your readers with you.

  • Article Distribution

Always use unique articles to be submitted at different places (article submission, blog submission, guest blogging) and use your brand name most of place than your links.

  • Freebies distribution

Always distribute valuable resources free to get re-engagements as PDF, Whitepapers, presentations and much more. By freebies, you can get quality returning visitors to your website.

Video marketing

Video marketing is one of effective strategy in digital marketing and you can get higher traffic and increased engagement time with your brand, product or services with it. Video marketing gives you power to reach your target audience while in tough competition.


Now a days there is tough competition in internet market, firstly you need to do a quality competition research to know that what your competitors are doing to come up in search results and their different strategies(Social media, PPC, SEO, etc). After carrying a good market research, you don’t need to follow the same strategies as your competitors are doing but build your own on the basis of your findings. Therefore, it’s essential to utilize all internet marketing components to fight against tough online competition wisely.

Why your website need Search engine optimization?

Why you need a Website?

A website gives you online presence globally by which you can make global relationships, partnerships, generate business and much more. Before going through the topic different factors we need to know are given below.

• Purpose of website.
• Type of Website.
• What business (product, manufacturing or etc).
• Type of your business (B2B, B2C or C2B etc).
• Target audience.
• Existing audience/customers.
• Existing strength of organization.
• Capability.

Why Search engine optimization required?

After consideration above things one of the major issues is how to get audience toward your website because it is not enough to launch a website over World Wide Web, there are different methods to get audience toward you website are parts of search engine marketing can be organic or paid and Search engine optimization is for to rank organically (non-paid) in search engine results which means to optimize your website in accordance to qualify the search engine guidelines (Google, Bing, yahoo, yandex etc.) for to appear in search engine results. Before these steps you need to index your website in popular search engines because most of people search there for their queries in according to their needs can personal or professional. Different factors why SEO is necessary are given below
• To get visibility in search engine results.
• To beat tough competition.
• To attract visitors/audience toward you website.
• Long term visibility.
• Online relationship building.
• Positive reputation.
• Trust building.
• Remarketing.
• Easy targeting.
• For revenue generation.
• Branding.
By search engine optimization one can appear at the top of search engine result page on specific queries by organizing his/her website in accordance to search engine guidelines (webmaster).

How SEO works?

There are lots of effort required to gain a top position in search results but the question is how it works and the answer is when a person searches for his specific need in search engine by typing his query in search bar and clicks on search button to get a result after this the work of search engine is to match and produce a list of results on the basis of query by matching it to all available (indexed websites) content on the basis of keywords with a focus on meaning as well. Behind this different search algorithms (rules) works to provide you best results. For ranking at the top we need to follow different ranking factors allowed by the respective search engine.
Overview on different ranking factors
As a lot of search algorithms are working for different issues as ranking signals, quality, piracy, privacy, copyright, child pornography and much more. There are some of different factors to rank are give below
• Quality of content.
• Quantity of content.
• Keyword density.
• Local presence.
• Social media presence.
• Social media bookmarking.
• Guest blogging.
• Article submission (unique).
• CTA placement.
• Offerings.
• Blogging.
• Number of conversions.

Unique and genuine website content matters to Google Search engine

Content in the most important component of the website as it tells everything about your product or services, Since the whole websites have their content on the website, Unique content in important to get reputation by Google. Unique content help websites to get recognize over the world So that Google crawl and index it smoothly.

It has been noticed that most of the people outsource the content from the third party so that chances of poor content quality increased, it is prefered to be written by professional or by someone who is in the same domain or field.

According to the popular search engines there should be some quality and features in the contents, below are few points:

  1. Content Title should be strong and enough to explain the whole content..
  2. Stick to the topic so that content will be accurate and explained properly.
  3. Make your content actionable.
  4. Source of the content should be accurate and you should be able to respond queries.
  5. Make content in paragraph and points.

Social Media Optimization has become more popular than ON-Page SEO

Social medias such as Facebook, Twitter etc. are the pioneer on Social media.

Since the people spent most of their time on Social Media thus it is important to become popular in social medias instead of website or blog.

We help your social profile such as brand page, company Page or any personal profile to get more visitors and if it is Facebook page than Likes will be the the main purpose. Twitter is another social media where followers are the important entity. As much followers your have you and your content will get popularity.

SMO services India includes following activities:

1. Generating fans and likes helps diverting traffic to the Maine website.

2. Likes help to reach your content to the fans.