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Blog is kind of website which consist of Posts and Pages. Content of the blog can be entered or updated easily by the Author without any coding knowledge.

It has been noticed that Blog has become a very popular where people has started sharing articles or any updates frequently.

key points in Blog:

  1. Author: Author is someone who can post any updates or content on blog marketing services indianthe blog and he can publish it too.
  2. Administrator: Administrator can be someone who can manage  roles, Blog updates and major tasks in blog.
  3. Posts: any content that entered into posts section is known as blog.
  4. Comments: every blog posts have  option so that any guest can comment on any blog, so that visitors can give their comment on any post.
  5. Blogging: act of writing post is called blogging.

Blog has become a fast and easy way to have your information on the internet and mostly is doesn’t cost much comparing to the website or portal. there are some popular free blog providers like WordPress, Blogger and others that offers Free blog for users later on user may host their blog as a featured if they need more space of more functionaries apart from built in options of blog.

Blog marketing services India is kind of internet marketing services India, if you have any blog and you want to get traffic to your blog using blog marketing services India then We can help you in this. Our experts will optimise your blog so that it can be more readable by search have engines like Google, Bing etc.

Popular free blog service providers:

  1. Blogger by Google
  2. WordPress
  3. Quora
  4. Hubpages

Benefits of having blog:

  1. Easy to install and it don’t cost like website.
  2. easy to post using user name and password.
  3. latest posts can be visible on the top.