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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a method to advertise any product or website online. In affiliate both Advertisers and Publishers play the major roles.

An Advertiser can be someone who may have Mobile phones, Movie Tickets or website and he want to advertise it on the internet without any budget.

Publishers can be someone who will help advertiser to advertise his products and earn commission.affiliate marketing services india

Advertiser will provide his text links, banners and other promotional links to the publisher and publisher will put those on his website. In such way publisher will beget commission against each clicks/referrals according to the mutual agreement with the advertiser.

Affiliate marketing don’t require any budget, Publishers get paid either through Online Fund transfer or cheques according to the agreement, may be once in a week/month/year.

How does it work?

Affiliate marketing is all about the cookies which create automatically when you visit any website, it stores reference of the website or links and banner reference so that link referral can be identified.

Advertiser and Publisher both can see the referral and clicks of the ads in order to track the visits and commissions.

Advertiser provides Text link, banners or promo videos and programmed at Advertiser’s end so that visits/counts can be counted, publisher put those Ads code on web pages he owns and ads starts showing. in this scenario Advertiser holds the control of Ads but on the time of installation Advertiser can select the categories of his/her website so that relevant ads can be displayed.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

  • No campaign budget required.
  • You can work with the dedicated Publishers.
  • Customized commission can be made.
  • Individual campaign can be created for individual Publishers.
  • Easy payment mode can be selected.

Popular Websites who started this technique in the world are Commission Junction, LLC and ShareASale